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Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Norton all fit this model. The full-scale security suites from those same three vendors cost twice as much and give you multiple licenses, five for Norton, three for the rest. That’s a good price for a suite that has all the expected components except for parental control, and it’s frequently discounted anywhere from 25 to 50 percent. View All 10 Photos in Gallery The product’s main window has three tabs:
vipre internet security 2017 download

Vipre Internet Security 2017 Download

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Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Norton all fit this model. The full-scale security suites from those same three vendors cost twice as much and give you multiple licenses, five for Norton, three for the rest. That’s a good price for a suite that has all the expected components except for parental control, and it’s frequently discounted anywhere from 25 to 50 percent. View All 10 Photos in Gallery The product’s main window has three tabs: MyVipre, Account, and Manage.

On the main MyVipre page, you get a simple report on security status and buttons to launch or schedule scans. The Manage tab naturally holds settings for the various security components. If you don’t like the color scheme mostly shades of blue and green on white , you can change it on the Account tab. There are six color themes in all, three with a light background and three with a dark one. When you launch Vipre’s installer, it starts by asking for the product key.

Once you click the button to agree with the license agreement, Vipre handles the rest. It checks for the latest program version and antivirus definitions automatically, then runs a quick scan for active malware. I did find that it took quite a while to install, and it required a reboot to complete the installation process. Good Lab Results I follow five independent antivirus labs that regularly report on their test results. I also follow two labs that certify products for their antivirus ability.

The difference with the latter two is that if a product doesn’t reach certification, part of the service is that the labs help them fix any problems and retest them until they do succeed. Fewer companies go for either certification these days, and fewer still for both. Do note that lab reports don’t necessarily reflect the very latest product releases. Some of the test results may be several months old. Often that doesn’t make much difference, but in a case like this one, with a product that’s been completely revamped, the results may not reflect what’s current.

If Vipre’s scores go up over the next few months, we’ll know that the updated product is indeed an improvement. It reports results in hundredths of a percent, which seems unduly precise to me. The average score for products I follow is roughly 82 percent, and Vipre’s score came in at roughly 82 percent, as Emsisoft Anti-Malware also did.

The experts at AV-Test Institute evaluate each antivirus product on three criteria: In that last category, which they call Usability, Vipre earned the maximum score, six points. It took 5. Vipre’s total of MRG-Effitas is a more recent addition to the group of labs that I track. One test by this lab focuses specifically on banking malware, and products either do a near-perfect job of protection or fail the test.

The other includes a wide variety of malware types. A product that completely blocks all attacks earns Level 1 certification. Clearing all malware traces within 24 hours gets Level 2. Vipre took Level 2 certification in the latter test, but failed the banking malware test. Because these tests don’t distinguish between almost-pass and epic fail, I give them less weight when aggregating lab scores.

Vipre’s aggregate lab score is 8. So-So Malware Blocking Even when the lab results indicate that a product does a good job, I always run my own hands-on malware blocking tests.

One test starts the moment I open a folder containing my current collection of malware samples. The tiny file access that occurs when Windows Explorer displays details for a file is enough to trigger Vipre’s real-time scanner.

For each detected sample, it popped up a transient, floating notification window. Vipre detected and quarantined 75 percent of the samples at this point. I maintain a second set of samples, hand-tweaked versions of the originals with different filenames, file sizes expanded by appending nulls, and a few nonexecutable bytes changed.

Discarding the 25 percent whose originals weren’t caught, I exposed this collection to Vipre’s examination. It missed fully a third of the modified samples. Fortunately, Vipre includes a number of other protective layers beyond simple signature-based malware detection. When I launched the surviving samples, Vipre detected some of them.

In a few cases, it didn’t fully prevent installation of malware-related executables by detected samples. Overall, it detected 89 percent of the samples either on sight or after launch, and earned 8. Challenged with the same sample set, Emsisoft managed percent detection and 9. Vipre’s score isn’t precisely comparable with scores of products tested using my previous malware collection, naturally. These samples are different every time, but they’re always real-world nasties, and they’re always recent.

I use a small utility program to launch each in turn and record whether the antivirus prevented the download, either by blocking all access to the URL or by quarantining the downloaded file. Once I have valid data points, I check the numbers. Vipre fended off 86 percent of the malware downloads, a bit more than half of those by blocking access to the dangerous URL.

Quite a few products have done better. Norton came in with a near-perfect 98 percent. Good Phishing Protection The same mechanism that helps protect against malware-hosting URLs also serves to save you from accidentally giving away your login credentials to a phishing site.

These sites masquerade as secure sites of all kinds. If you log in unwittingly, you’ve given your account to the bad guys. Of course, these fraudulent sites don’t last long. They quickly wind up blacklisted. The fraudsters don’t care; they just set up another fake site. For testing purposes, I scour fraud-prevention sites for the very newest reported phishing URLs, those that haven’t yet been analyzed.

I launch each of them simultaneously in a browser protected by the product being tested and in another browser protected by Symantec Norton Security Deluxe , which has long been a strong protector against phishing. I also launch each in instances of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, protected only by the browser’s built-in antiphishing component.

Antiphishing Results Chart Last time I tested Vipre’s antiphishing abilities, it did very well, with a detection rate just 6 percentage points below Norton’s.

This time around it lagged 17 percentage points behind Norton, but retained its place on the leaderboard, below Sophos Home and above F-Secure. None of the three browsers outscored it, so while it may not be the best at anti-phishing, it’s definitely a step up from a naked browser.

While Norton is my touchstone for this test, it’s not always the winner. Bitdefender Internet Security , Kaspersky, and Webroot all did better than Norton, if only by a few percentage points. Good News, Bad News Vipre offers a full set of firewall-related features, but there’s a catch: Most of them are turned off by default.

In the version I tested previously, that made sense, because turning them on caused a variety of problems. In addition, you should check the box labeled Stealth Mode. With those settings in place, I launched a number of port scans and other web-based tests.

Vipre correctly put the system’s ports in stealth mode, making them invisible to outside attack. Of course, the built-in Windows Firewall can also accomplish this feat. Success in this test is the baseline for a third-party firewall , not a major achievement. The other main task of a personal firewall is managing how programs access the network and internet, to prevent misuse.

Vipre defines permissions for its own processes and a few essential Windows processes. For others, it allows all outbound traffic and blocks all unsolicited inbound traffic. This arrangement avoids the annoying firewall popup queries that plague users of some firewall products, but it also means that the firewall’s application control just doesn’t do much. Many firewalls include a simple switch that turns on prompting, so that when a program attempts internet access for the first time, the firewall reports it and asks what to do.

You can enable prompting in Vipre, but it’s more complicated. The Apps tab of the Firewall Rules dialog lists all programs that have rules defined, along with an entry for all other applications. Four columns define the behavior for trusted and public traffic, inbound and outbound.

Both types of inbound traffic are blocked. To enable prompting, you click each entry in the row marked Any Other Application and change the action to Prompt. Firewall popups typically occur only for unknown programs. To ensure I have an unknown program in hand, I usually test with a tiny browser I wrote myself. This time I didn’t have to, as the firewall popped up asking whether to allow Chrome to access the internet.

Check Point ZoneAlarm Extreme Security uses popup queries for unknown programs, but as its database of known programs is ginormous, it rarely needs to. Norton handles all such decisions itself, putting unknowns under heightened monitoring and smacking them down if it detects they are misusing the network. Either solution offers better protection than Vipre’s.

However, when I hit the test system with 30 exploits generated by the CORE Impact penetration tool, neither component reacted. The antivirus did kick in to quarantine the payload for a fifth of the samples, though. Looking more closely, I realized that, by default, the firewall only blocks high priority intrusions. I set it to also block medium and low priority intrusions, and notify me when it did so. I applied the same setting to the HIPS component. The last time I tested Vipre, doing so caused quite a ruckus, blocking ordinary activities, Windows components, and Internet Explorer.

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Free Trial Download of VIPRE Advanced Security Antivirus Software. Keep your data safe with VIPRE. We offer industry leading, top-rated antivirus software and cyber security protection for personal and business use. You can update to this beta through the VIPRE product or download the this beta direct from the following URL: VIPRE Internet Security Pro Beta 3.

VIPRE Advanced Security 2017

From i give it about a 7. Everything went well until I got a malware. I did all the usual things but eventually contacted customer support. Tomorrow will be 1 week from initial contact- if it wasn’t for the fact that I got tired of waiting and went and found Hitman Pro -which took care of the problem I would still be waiting! Promises are cheap to make when advertising your product; but backing them up in a timely fashion is what sorts out the pros from the amateurs- this company rates a 2 out of 10 for their performance!

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Their premium security solution is called VIPRE Internet Security Pro and, besides the usual security layers and modules, it also bundles some additional tools that should provide more value for your money Internet VIPRE Internet Security Pro scans and filters all the internet traffic from your computer and that means that you will be protected in any web browser you like to use. It’s a fixed size window with very few sections, options and buttons on it. It’s better than the default Windows Firewall, but we feel it could be improved.

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Vipre Internet Security License Key is the web protection software that is latest used to protect your computer against all kinds of malicious threats. Vipre Internet Security beta is a complete security solution offered by the publisher Vipre. It allows users to discover changes compared to. Download the latest version of VIPRE Internet Security free. nternet security essentials that don’t slow down your PC.

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Vipre Internet Security 2017 Download

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