Teamviewer Version 4

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In this article, I will focus on TeamViewer, which, like Hyper-V or Ubiquiti UniFi, is our standardized equipment and has been our primary tool for remote support for 4 years now. Just like us. Apart from remote control of the devices, TeamViewer can also be used for online meetings. You can use TeamViewer without any registration.
teamviewer version 4

Teamviewer Version 4

TeamViewer: 4-Year User Review (Part 1/2)

In this article, I will focus on TeamViewer, which, like Hyper-V or Ubiquiti UniFi, is our standardized equipment and has been our primary tool for remote support for 4 years now. Just like us. Apart from remote control of the devices, TeamViewer can also be used for online meetings. You can use TeamViewer without any registration. However, this is only suitable for sporadic use. Each time you connect, a pop-up window will appear at the right the bottom of the screen, thanks to which a person know knows that someone is connected to his device and knows who he is.

This behavior can not be changed and it is this way on purpose. At the same time, all connection information is logged in both in the cloud and locally — depending on the setting. We use the fact that the user sees who is connected. The password can be random change after each connection , static predefined , or the password does not need to be used at all easy access when it is verified that your TeamViewer account has the right to connect to the remote device.

You can connect to a remote device at any time if TeamViewer is running and you know the password and ID , which not all users may like.

In this case, it is possible to configure TeamViewer so that the connection to the remote device has to be approved by the user on the device. You will lack some comfort, for example, if you want to connect to the device to fix the problem while the user grabs a lunch to keep the user productive. Picture 1: TeamViewer, sometimes also TeamViewer Full: This option allows you to connect to other devices, but also someone to connect to you. You install it on your administrator PC.

TeamViewer Host: Unlike the full option, it does not have features to connect to other devices. By default, TeamViewer Host runs in the background starts automatically with the operating system and allows you to connect to this device at any time.

TeamViewer QuickSupport: This version of the program does not install but only runs. Once you run the program, it will automatically appear in the list of computers and you can connect to it. The user only approves your connection depending on whether you own a QuickSupport module. Once TeamViewer QuickSupport is complete, you can not re-connect the program does not run itself repeatedly as opposed to the Host variant. Occasionally, it was difficult to direct inexperienced users to download the QuickSupport module … open the address X … click X … then find the button in the menu … click on it ….

So we made it easier by registering domain http: A short name that is easy to pronounce and people can write it down. But we use it commercially, so we have to pay hard. The free version has the same functionality as paid one other than management console.

Paid TeamViewer versions differ in functionality see TeamViewer subscription. Basically, the higher the license, the more functionality for the convenience of more users. We have paid a yearly subscription. However, LogMeIn has gotten greatly expensive in the past 2 years each year, prices doubled and the package structure changed. Since we did not like the aggressive price increase of LogMeIn and we did not know where it stops, we have looked elsewhere. TeamViewer was also in our target list — plus points for functionality, minus at prices Corporate version at that time was about 56 thousand crowns.

Another positive thing. Getting TeamViewer was a one-time purchase. Not a year subscription as LogMeIn. Of course, we were not naive. It was clear that TeamViewer will issue a new version of the program in December Subscription comes Like many other companies, TeamViewer has changed the licensing policy.

Those with older versions of TeamViewer have a certain advantage. They can use them until their support is over and save some money. However, according to the list of supported OSs for each version, it may be earlier than anyone expects, see Which operating systems are supported , Win10 v is only supported by the latest version of the TV. Con of the older version is that you can not connect to a device with a newer version of TeamViewer for example, if you have a license for version 12, you will not be able to connect to a device that has TeamViewer version 13 or later installed.

Personally, I would say that TeamViewer has gotten more expensive with the upgrade. Unfortunately, I do not have any original prices. We can only buy it as an add-on. All in all, the annual subscription of the Corporate Edition with 8 channels and support for mobile devices will cost us This is not cheap. Source https: I judge from our point of view. We have over 10 technicians and manage around 1. It is possible that you will appreciate other features as well. You can create user accounts for other colleagues from your company, or join existing TeamViewer accounts.

For all of these accounts, you grant permissions to users. Whether they can share computer groups, edit their settings, view logs, manage policies, etc. Manage policies see below and create branded TeamViewer packages. More information on What is the TeamViewer Management Console and a partial image can be drawn up from the screenshot below. Picture 3: In essence, you create one or more policies that contain the desired settings and then assign the policy to the device or a group of devices.

Especially when there are several hundred or thousands of them. This is particularly beneficial for safety see part 2.

Unfortunately, compared to a regular GPO, TeamViewer does not allow multiple policies on one device for example, if you want to layer policies. Otherwise, everyone would assign whatever wherever it wants it. TeamViewer installation TeamViewer can be manually installed on a device, which is impractical for larger deployments.

From Host We consider it positive. For more information, see the Mass Deployment Improvements documentation is finally starting to be of some use.

Other features for good user comfort Safe mode A great thing, mainly for support. TeamViewer allows the computer to remotely restart the computer into Safe Mode while setting up TeamViewer to automatically run in Safe Mode. Multiple users on a single PC It sometimes happens that we need to look at one problem in more people at a time.

For example, sometimes we invite an IT system vendor to a solution. TeamViewer allows multiple people to be connected at one device at the same time and to work together to resolve the problem.

However, with TeamViewer, it has not happened over the years that it broke down during the automatic update or the update did not take place. When I look through our monitoring system on installed versions of TeamViewer on devices, I see we have the latest versions everywhere.

TeamViewer can be set up to auto-update itself within the main version ie Or to always be the most up-to-date ie updates itself from File transfer It is possible to transfer more data between your and your remote device. Either via a data box or a transfer manager.

We did not have this functionality with LogMeIn Central we would have to pay extra for it. Screen recording It is sometimes necessary to gather information and send them further. To avoid describing everything, we would record the whole remote connection session and forward the video. It often explains the problem better than a thousand words. Conclusion What tool do you use?

Did you find a suitable alternative to TeamViewer? Or even better? How do you perceive the license price? Is it expensive or cheap? I will continue to describe our experiences in the following article. This time, I will mention what we do not like with the TeamViewer and how we set it up to be as safe as possible. Do you like topics, I write about? It is not necessary to periodically visit my blog to check if there is a new article.

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Sep 9, There are 4 versions of this application, one of which is free and is the one I will be telling you about. That version has almost all the features of. 1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software. Version history · 07 Sep TeamViewer v(Latest stable. TeamViewer is a proprietary software application for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers. Contents. 1 Features; 2 History; 3 Security. Encryption and security features. 4 Abuses. Remote service scams using TeamViewer; Account access . v · t · e · Remote administration software. General.

TeamViewer: Remote Control

Last update 14 May. Read the editor’s review Screenshots of TeamViewer View more screenshots TeamViewer Editor’s Review Team Viewer is an excellent screen-sharing and file-transfer application that is popular amongst the technical and non-technical alike. The installation process with Team Viewer is even impressive and even allows you to toggle administration rights.


There are many apps that allow remote control of different systems, but TeamViewer is set up to be extremely accessible, while also being powerful. Whether managing an IT department or just helping your neighbor down the street fix their computer, it is an application worth installing on your system.

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Sep 14, TeamViewer. for. Windows. TeamViewer GmbH. 6 Rate this App. About this version. License: Free. Op. System: Windows. Sep 9, There are 4 versions of this application, one of which is free and is the one I will be telling you about. That version has almost all the features of. Feb 21, Pick a software title to downgrade to the version you love! Windows» Networking » TeamViewer» TeamViewer Get Updates on TeamViewer.

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Teamviewer Version 4

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