Komplete 9 Ultimate Vs Komplete 10 Ultimate

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The comparison chart has now been updated for Komplete 11! In , a seven year old Native Instruments knew what it wanted to be when it grew up: The dominant force in virtual music instruments. When they packed their nine best products into one giant box and dubbed it “Komplete,” the message was clear: Why go anywhere else for software instruments when everything you need is right here?
komplete 9 ultimate vs komplete 10 ultimate

Komplete 9 Ultimate Vs Komplete 10 Ultimate

Komplete 10 Ultimate–is the upgrade from 9 worth it?

The comparison chart has now been updated for Komplete 11! In , a seven year old Native Instruments knew what it wanted to be when it grew up: The dominant force in virtual music instruments. When they packed their nine best products into one giant box and dubbed it “Komplete,” the message was clear: Why go anywhere else for software instruments when everything you need is right here?

Today’s Komplete Ultimate bundles are the soft-synth equivalent of Waves Mercury. No other single virtual instrument publisher offers quite the breadth and depth that the Komplete series has consistently delivered since that first big blue box hit store shelves. Product Comparison of all Komplete Versions Every year or two when a new Komplete release looms, music message boards light up with users asking, “If I have version X of Komplete, what would I gain by upgrading to version Y?

To satisfy my own curiosity, and to help my fellow KLFs Komplete Lovin’ Fools , I spent a fair amount of time compiling the contents and release information of every Komplete bundle since the series debuted. Click image to view the Komplete product version comparison worksheet. You can find my detailed product comparison of all Komplete versions right here.

It lists every major version of every individual product that was ever included in a Komplete bundle, and when each product was introduced or discontinued. The Release Details tab gives detailed stats on each Komplete bundle month and year of release, price, number of products, etc.

The worksheet and its tabs represent the raw data, and what follows is some various trivia and analysis of Komplete over time. Any new products in the Komplete line that Native Instruments brings to market after a Komplete Ultimate release date are usually not grandfathered into that pre-existing Komplete bundle although there have been occasional exceptions. Those new products generally will be included in the next major Komplete Ultimate bundle, however.

The Komplete Ultimate hard disks are not used at product runtime, and aren’t intended to store any information other than the product installers. They are only provided to facilitate installation. Neither Komplete 8 Ultimate or Komplete 9 Ultimate are available in downloadable form. Registered owners of standard Komplete 8 and 9, however, are granted download access to the ISO images of the DVD install discs in the event that their discs are damaged or misplaced.

Discontinued Products Over time, Native Instruments has discontinued a number of products that once featured in earlier Komplete bundles. Acoustic Refractions Komplete 7 was the only full Kore soundpack included in a Komplete bundle, although some content from other Kore packs has trickled into various Komplete products since Kore was discontinued. Some see Maschine as an evolution of the Kore concept, although Maschine lacks Kore’s advanced sound morphing engine.

See the Kore Soundpacks section later on for more details about that product line. The Akoustik Piano and Elektrik Piano Kontakt instruments that appeared in Komplete releases between and were discontinued, however most of their samples were reused in other Kontakt piano instruments that are still available today and included in current Komplete Ultimate releases. Read on to learn what happened to the Akoustik Pianos samples. The samples used in these instruments come from the discontinued Akoustik Piano product, although any references to the original manufacturers and piano models were removed from the Piano Collection versions.

These products were discontinued in in favor of the new pianos that debut in Komplete While the Vintage Organs Kontakt library includes a “Tonewheel Organ B3” instrument that represents the B-3, it is purely sample-based whereas B4 was synthesized. Intakt was a slicing and looping sampler that had several features which now appear in Maschine. Kompakt was a multi-timbral sample player based on the Kontakt engine which has more or less been replaced by Kontakt Player. Reaktor Session Komplete 1 was a stripped down version of Reaktor 4.

It had the full engine, so was capable of playing any existing Reaktor ensembles, but apparently couldn’t be used to create new instruments. Replaced by the modern Reaktor Player. It was officially discontinued in because the potential benefits of keeping the product alive did not justify the effort required to keep it up to date with evolving computer and DAW architectures.

Vokator was an advanced FFT-based vocoder. Like NI-Spektral Delay, keeping the product current proved to be more trouble than it was worth, so the company discontinued both products in Pro was actually Native Instruments’ third and best emulation of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 analog synthesizer.

The earlier emulation products were Pro-Five and Pro While there are some Prophet samples in the Retro Machines Mk2 Kontakt library included in all current Komplete bundles, Native Instruments does not currently offer any true Prophet emulations. In , Native Instruments released three bundles under the Komplete banner. Alongside the major Komplete 5 release, there were two subset bundles: The Komplete bundles. Kore Soundpacks While Native Instruments sells many expansion packs for Maschine , occasionally distributes free remix sets for Traktor, and frequently promotes third-party Traktor remix sets , they do not currently market any expansion sets for the Komplete product line.

This wasn’t always the case, however. During the heyday of the Kore product line, Native Instruments sold around 30 different Kore Soundpacks , which employed the various engines behind Native Instruments’ flagship Komplete instruments. While most of the soundpacks focused on a single engine there were several Massive and Absynth packs, for example , a number of them included patches that used several engines together, taking advantage of Kore’s powerful sound morphing capabilities. After Native Instruments discontinued the Kore line, a lot of content from the original Kore soundpacks made its way into various aspects of the remaining Komplete products.

After a fair amount of research, I’ve compiled a list of all Kore soundpacks that were released, and where they ended up in Komplete. You can find the full list here. It’s a tab on the main Komplete comparison worksheet. Click image to view Kore Soundpacks worksheet. While content from about half of the soundpacks is still available in Komplete in one form or another, please note the following: Around half of the soundpacks are simply not available in any manner in Native Instruments’ current line-up.

Most of these were either produced by third-party developers or were too complex to break out into presets for any single Komplete product. While a number of soundpacks used only a single Komplete engine, many used more than one. So even though the content from an original soundpack might appear today as a Massive, FM8, or Absynth sound bank, for example, it might be missing presets that relied on different engines.

Without Kore, you lose the ability to take advantage of its sound morphing; today you only have individual presets. Many of the Kore “sound variations” from the original soundpacks didn’t make the translation into individual Komplete preset libraries. Freebies and Upgrades Komplete 2 initially shipped with Battery 1 and Absynth 2, but in late , Native Instruments granted free upgrades to Battery 2 and Absynth 3 to all registered Komplete 2 owners.

Driver was offered as a free gift to Native Instruments customers registered as of late , but was later released as a commercial product and made its Komplete debut in 9 Ultimate. Komplete 8 and 8 Ultimate included Abbey Road “Drums” products at launch, but several months later, when Native Instruments released improved “Drummer” products which included MIDI grooves , existing Komplete owners received the new versions as a free update.

Komplete 8 Ultimate owners got free upgrades to the Solid Mix Series and Vintage Compressors effects when those items were re-released as standalone plugins. Driver and Session Horns were originally exclusive to the Ultimate bundles, but beginning with Komplete 10 they are now part of the “standard” bundle.

It includes Balinese Gamelan , a “lite” version of a Soniccouture product of the same name, Cuba , which was produced for Native Instruments by e-instruments , and West Africa , which Native Instruments produced entirely in-house. In , Native Instruments released the first entry, Discovery Series: North India , as a Kore soundpack. Although Kore soundpacks are no longer sold separately, all instruments from that soundpack are currently part of the “World” category of the Kontakt 5 factory library.

Registered K9U owners received download links a couple days after registering on Service Center, but users could also download the Demo versions of the plugins from the Native Instruments site and use them as fully licensed products without needing an additional product key.

Registered Komplete 8 Ultimate owners got these updates for free. They still appear in Guitar Rig under “Vintage Compressors. Plugin and Application Formats Since the very first release, all Komplete editions have fully supported both Mac and Windows bit.

Komplete 6 was the first edition to include bit installers for some products in addition to the pre-existing bit versions , but it wasn’t until a software update several months after Komplete 7’s release that all Komplete products were available in bit formats on both Mac and PC.

Every version of Komplete has included both standalone and plugin versions of major products such as Reaktor, Absynth, and Kontakt. Initial plugin support in was bit VST 2. Komplete 7 was the first release to include any products that weren’t stand-alone applications or DAW plugins. It included Kontakt instruments, Reaktor ensembles, and even a Kore soundpack. Native Instruments dropped the DirectX plugin format sometime between and Unclear whether Komplete 5 included any DirectX plugins.

There definitely weren’t any in Komplete 6. Komplete 10 will be the first Komplete bundle that ships with AAX support in-the-box. Licenses and Registration Native Instruments debuted the Service Center application for product activation in , and Komplete 4 was the first Komplete release to include it.

However, upon Service Center’s introduction, the activation process for older products, such as Komplete 2 and 3, was changed to use Service Center as well. Users had to import a key file into the Service Center application to activate those products. Native Instruments commonly offers attractive upgrade or crossgrade prices to owners of previous Komplete bundles or qualifying products in the Maschine or occasionally Traktor product lines, enabling loyal customers to affordably stay up to date with Komplete.

It is important to note that once you use a qualifying product in order to get an upgrade or crossgrade discount on another Native Instruments product, their licenses become linked. So, for example, if you use your Komplete 8 license to get a discount on Komplete 9 , you cannot turn around and sell your Komplete 8 license to someone else without contacting Native Instruments and paying the difference between what you paid and the current retail price of Komplete 9.

In a similar vein, Komplete is sold as a bundle, with a single serial number that covers all of the individual products within the bundle. As a result, you cannot resell individual products that you don’t intend to use. Komplete ownership is an all-or-nothing prospect. Once activated, all Native Instruments software products are tied to your specific Native Instruments user account. If you ever plan to buy a used Komplete bundle or any other Native Instruments product, for that matter , make sure that the seller has unregistered the product from their account, and that they provide the original serial number upon sale.

Sellers can go here to find out what they need to do, and potential buyers can learn more here. Random Facts The first Komplete bundle shipped in an enormous box- the reason it was so big was that it contained nine fully boxed products. Komplete 2 was the first “single box” edition. Reaktor 5 is the longest-running single product in the Komplete series.

Version 5 has been included in every Komplete release from Komplete 2 through Komplete Reaktor has seen several “point releases” since its original introduction it’s currently up to 5. Historically, almost all Komplete editions have been released in September or October- in time for holiday shopping.

Komplete overview

Don’t hold back – go for the full Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate virtual 9. Session Horns Pro – NEW! Molekular – NEW! Rise & Hit – NEW! Buy Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate Update from Komplete 8 or 9 Ultimate: Musical Instruments – kzzvig.me ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible. This is the upgrade version of KOMPLETE 10 Ultimate and will allow current users of KOMPLETE 2 – 9 the opportunity to update their system to the full.

Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate

The last of the three new synths, Polyplex Polyplex Native Instruments’ Komplete moves to version 10, incorporating new instruments in a range of categories There’s an awful lot to like about Native Instruments’ product range. If you’re a synth fan, you’ll be aware of Massive and the extraordinary impact it has had on Dance music in the past few years. You’ll probably admire Absynth 5 and the FM8 too, whilst Reaktor’s own libraries of instruments now extend to high-profile titles including Razor and Monark.

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It updates itself automatically as long as youвre online. The new functions and records wished could be introduced on your notice always.

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This is the upgrade version of KOMPLETE 10 Ultimate and will allow current users of KOMPLETE 2 – 9 the opportunity to update their system to the full. Introducing Native Instruments Komplete 9 and Komplete 9 Ultimate . Stand- alone, VST, Audio Units, AAX Native (Pro Tools 10 or higher), ASIO, Core Audio, . Komplete 10 and Komplete 10 Ultimate include six new instruments: Rounds Komplete 10 Ultimate is priced at $ / €. Upgrade Ahahaa, Komplete 9 was on sale through the past 2 months for / Euro. I’m so.

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Komplete 9 Ultimate Vs Komplete 10 Ultimate

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