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Free Educational Licenses Are you a student or an academic staff member? If you are a student enrolled at an accredited educational institution or a teaching staff member, you can apply individually for all JetBrains products at once! Apply for free student pack Classroom Licenses for Accredited Educational Institutions We provide free licenses to universities, colleges, schools and other non-commercial educational organizations to support classroom instruction in on-site classrooms and computer labs. Licenses are granted to official organization representatives: Licenses allow the software to be installed and used in on-site classrooms and labs, with per-machine license distribution via JetBrains License Server a web application that enables the administration of floating licenses.
jetbrains webstorm license

Jetbrains Webstorm License

Free Open Source Licenses

FAQ My institutional email address is not accepted. Can I still apply? You are welcome to submit your institutional email domain to the swot repository that JetBrains uses to grant free licenses to students and faculty staff members worldwide. Is a free educational license perpetual? No, licenses for students and faculty staff members are valid only for one year.

Perpetual fallback licenses are not provided. How can I renew my free educational license for another year? To do so, use the dedicated link in your JetBrains account, or use a link from the automatic email reminder we send out one week before your subscription expires. Are there any special offers for students upon graduation? You can use it to purchase a new 1-year personal subscription for any single JetBrains product or for the All Products Pack.

A Graduation discount is available within one year of your educational license expiration date. Simply use your JetBrains account to purchase a license, and the discount will be applied automatically. Please note that the offer cannot be combined with the educational license renewal. If you renew your free license for one more year, a similar Graduation offer will be available to you the year after.

Can I use my free educational license for my work projects? No, free educational licenses can be used strictly for educational, non-commercial purposes including academic research. If you’re employed at a commercial company, you may consider asking your employer to purchase a business subscription for the JetBrains products you need.

If you’re doing freelance work, you can purchase a separate personal subscription for commercial projects monthly or annual. Can I use my educational license on several computers? Yes, just like a regular personal subscription, a free educational license can be used on multiple machines. For example, you can install the software on a classroom PC and a laptop at home and activate it with a single license.

Can I download an activation code and activate my educational license offline? No, starting from January it is not possible to download offline activation codes for educational license packs. Please use your JetBrains Account credentials to register your student license. What should I do? You can have a look at our Classroom licenses that can be provided to representatives of accredited educational institutions. They can be shared with multiple users via a single invitation link or distributed via the floating license server in the school’s local network.

Do I qualify to get a free license? No, only students of accredited educational institutions offering long-term courses longer than 1 year can qualify for a free student license. You might also want to find out more about our free educational tools. Do I qualify for a free license? Can my students get free licenses, too? Free licenses are granted only to the faculty members of schools, colleges, and universities that have long-term educational programs longer than 1 year.

Instructors of short-term commercial training courses are not eligible for support. Are free educational licenses the right option for this? No, according to our EULA , free educational licenses can be used only for studying, teaching classes, or conducting academic research.

If you need licenses for other purposes, e. Please contact our sales team, and we’ll be happy to discuss the special conditions on which we can offer you commercial product licenses. Students in groups of up to 10 users can download and use them for free.

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WebStorm. $ /user 1st year. $ $ /3rd year onwards. Buy now · Get quote. All yearly subscriptions include a perpetual fallback license. Our Licensing Model and JetBrains Toolbox. What is our licensing model? What is JetBrains Toolbox? What licensing model applies to each product?. We are happy to support qualifying open source projects with free licenses for our products. As a core contributor to an open source project, you may request All .

Free individual licenses for students and faculty members

Your OS project meets the Open Source definition. Your OS project may not offer paid sponsorship, or receive funding from commercial companies or organizations NGO, education, research, or governmental. You may not provide any paid support, consulting or training services for your OS project, and you may not distribute paid versions of your OS software. Contributors who are paid to work on the project are not eligible.

Licensing options for commercial training classes

Electron Debugger Debug your client-side and Node. But any time you need Terminal, it’s also available as an IDE tool window. Immediately see test statuses right in the editor, or in a handy treeview from which you can quickly jump to the test.

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For complete details, please check our Toolbox Subscription License Individual subscription, Student license, Classroom license, Open Source license . WebStorm. The smartest JavaScript IDE. Learn more · Buy · Download · PhpStorm. Lightning-smart PHP IDE. Learn more · Buy · Download. Our Licensing Model and JetBrains Toolbox. What is our licensing model? What is JetBrains Toolbox? What licensing model applies to each product?.

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Jetbrains Webstorm License

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