How To Record Your Voice On Fl Studio 12

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how to record your voice on fl studio 12

How To Record Your Voice On Fl Studio 12

How to Record Vocals in FL Studio

This brief video will show you how I connect all the items together before I start the recording process. Before you connect your condenser mic, make sure that phantom power is off. This can cause damage to a condenser microphone, and you definitely want to protect it.

Once the condenser microphone is connected is when you want to turn on the phantom power. Not before. If you are interested in seeing what products I use in my studio, you can go to the resources page. Just plug the cable into the back the audio interface. And connect to the correct port on your computer.

It should power on. See if the computer recognizes the device. Open up Google and type in: You will see the page that you can download the driver from in the top results.

Select the correct driver based on your operating system and download it: Once you download the file, install it. Once the driver is installed you should be able to plug it back in and have the computer recognize the device. After you the install the driver, there may be updates needed. Common updates are firmware. Run those to make sure you are all up to date. Use the shortcut key F10 to open up the settings menu.

It can speed up your workflow so much! In the Settings window open, you are going to click on the Audio tab. This is where we are going to make sure that FL Studio recognizes our audio interface. Click on that drop down menu: Look under the ASIO drivers section. Find the driver that has some or all of the name of your audio interface. I am using the Presonus AudioBox iTwo interface in this example.

What I do know is that it was developed by Steinberg. Mine looks like this for the Presonus AudioBox iTwo: If you are curious what latency is, Presonus has a good overview article about audio latency.

Rule of thumb: Set the latency as low as you can go. You will have to work that out by a little bit of trial and error. It may look a little different than mine, but you should a window similar to this. With a tracks that are labeled Insert 1, Insert 2, etc.

Select an empty track Click on an empty track in your mixer. In my case, Insert 6. To the far right of the mixer window there is the effects panel. Choose the input from your audio interface At the top and bottom of the effects panel you will see drop down menus. The default selection is none. Left click on the top, drop-down menu. This is your input selection from your audio interface. Select whatever input you have your microphone connected to. When you do that, you should start seeing the audio meter in the mixer channel detecting sound.

You will see the meter responding as you speak into the mic. It will look like this: There is a button down at the bottom of the mixer track. A circle. As soon as you select the input on your interface, it will turn red. You can see the red circle in the picture above on Insert 6. But I like to be a little more organized with my projects than that. I like to name files in a way that helps me when I come back to a project.

File names like vocal, or electric, or acoustic, etc. What can I say? I like simplicity. To be able to select the location you want to save the file and what to name it, right click on that red circle. A folder will open up.

This is where you are going to name that track that you will to record. You can also select the location that you want to save the file. The more organized you are with the recording the better. With file location and name set, you can start the process of setting the level of the microphone. This is not the smartest move.

After recording, there are the editing, the mixing and mastering phases of a project. Each track that you record at a high level adds up in your mix. The more files you have in the mix, the faster those levels add up. Find a good level for the vocal As you are setting your levels for your voice, watch the dB meter on your track. You want the basic range of where those levels hit to be somewhere between and dB. This is just a rule of thumb to follow when you are starting out.

It just helps you make sure that you are louder than the room noise. But makes sure that you have some headroom to manipulate the audio after you record it. Again, this is just a safe rule of thumb, this is not the gospel of recording by any means. Setting up the transport controls So once you have the track averaging at the right levels, then you can move up to the main transport control.

This is where you see the record button, play, stop, etc. Right click on the record button and you will see a menu appear with a lot of options. You can uncheck or check any other option by right clicking on them. This is usually how I set up the recording options when I am recording vocals: This just means it automatically starts recording when you hit record.

Otherwise you have to hit the space bar after you hit the record button. Check to make sure that you can hear the vocals the amount that you want to hear.

Balance that the way that you would like to hear it. Check to make sure that the vocal track is still armed for recording. The small circle in the bottom of the mixer track should be highlighted in red. Make sure that you are in song mode, not pattern mode. Pattern mode is active when the button to the left of the play button is highlighted in orange like this: You want the SONG button to be green like this: This allows the audio to be recorded onto the playlist.

Just trust me on this. I would frantically search around to see what had gone wrong only to realize later that I had been in loop mode. So frustrating. Now that you have setup everything, you get to the exciting part. Now you get to actually record the vocal. When you click on the record button in the main transport panel the first time, a menu is going to pop up, like this: Like this: And then I click the option: Press stop when you are finished and you should see your audio show up in the Playlist like this: You now know how to record vocals in FL Studio.

It may seem like a lot at first. But once you do it 3 or 4 times, it feels more natural. Post navigation.

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How can I record a voice via FL Studio 12 well? I am recording backing vocals with FL studio but I cant put them in a separate insert to add. FL Studio is a multifaceted digital audio workstation that allows you to record from your computer. Incorporated into the software are mixing and mastering. To begin recording, first you will need to be sure that both your mic the top of the program and record your vocals to the instrumental.

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You have to be careful similarly recorded layers don’t phase each other out. One simple way to get these nice wide layers is to pan some left and pan some right. Doesn’t have to be hard left or right. Depends on your mix of course.

FL Studio 12 – How To Create An Overlay (Double) Effect With Your Voice

Share on Facebook FL Studio is a multifaceted digital audio workstation that allows you to record from your computer. Incorporated into the software are mixing and mastering capabilities. The key is to understand the basics before moving on to the advanced features.

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hi im newbie on fl studio12 im trying to record my voice through mic with playing track together one problem is i can rehear my voice through master track or. It has the ability to record instruments, both real and MIDI, and edit and manipulate the audio. Recording voice using FL Studio is slightly different with the. To begin recording, first you will need to be sure that both your mic the top of the program and record your vocals to the instrumental.

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How To Record Your Voice On Fl Studio 12

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