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Reusing Cases Across Different Widgets and Events in Axure RP Pro

Masters are great for creating reusable elements, but they do not allow for variations. Each instance of a master will be exactly the same as the others. This is where styles come in.
axure 7 pro

Axure 7 Pro

Powerful Prototyping and Developer Handoff

Masters are great for creating reusable elements, but they do not allow for variations. Each instance of a master will be exactly the same as the others. This is where styles come in.

Suppose you have a button design that needs to be replicated on multiple pages, but the labels on the button need to vary. Styles can help you achieve this easily. Every property of a button can be managed through styles; all you need to do is change the label. Larger view The affordance of buttons is often enhanced with mouseOver and related behaviors. These behaviors are often created in Axure by using dynamic panels.

The different states are then placed in different panel states and selected with scripts. With this method, however, you would need to go into each of the panel states to change the copy of the button.

With this feature, simply set different styles for each behavior state, and then you would need to set the copy and size of your button only once.

Larger view Tip: If you set up the left and right padding in your style, all you will need to change is the button text, and then the size of the button will automatically adapt.

Axure provides many options for keeping things organized. Every element that you place on a page can be given a unique name. Pages may be named and organized in a tree structure.

Masters may be given names and sorted in folders and so on. But why go through the effort of giving everything a clear name? Keep things organized for yourself.. When you have an elaborate page and you want to create an interaction with a dynamic panel, you will have to sift through a long list of elements to find the one you are looking for. You can use the search field — but only if you have thoughtfully named your items.

Allow for team members to step in.. If, like me, you work in teams on your projects, unexpected things will always happen. You or your colleague could become ill or unexpectedly have to work on another project.

It is critical, then, that the project be so clearly set up that the other can just step in and take over. Interactivity built by another can be particularly complicated to step into. You will be sharing with third parties.. In the average project that I work on, my wireframes get shared with at least 10 people.

Some people will sit at a table with me and can be carefully guided through. Others, I will never meet and will have no idea of their understanding of wireframes. Ideally, a prototype should be viewable autonomously. Several things I do to achieve this are the following. Create a Landing Page You could set up the home page of your prototype as a starting page that explains what people are looking at and how they can use it.

Additionally, you could provide your contact information or links to flowcharts. Larger view Give the Pages Unique and Self-Explanatory Names The prototype will be easier to understand if the page names are clear and explain what the pages are.

People will also use these names in future communication. If, for example, a graphic designer works on a comp based on your design, they will likely use the same names for the pages as you did. You can create flowcharts in Axure to reflect the important user flows and to link the nodes to the relevant pages. You would then provide an extra way to navigate the prototype. The names in the flowchart would be based on those in the site map. Thus, it would become evident whether you are naming clearly.

Axure allows users to create two kinds of guides: If you set up guides in, for instance, a default grid, then consistently positioning elements over the different pages becomes a lot easier.

Also, your team members will see these global guides in a shared project. Larger view Using a grid can help you keep your designs clean and structured.

When you place these objects on the grid, everything becomes easier to align and will satisfy any obsessive-compulsiveness you may have. Of course, allow yourself to stray from the grid for special objects that need different dimensions. In Axure 7, you are able to set up different sets of global guides for mobile and desktop pages. In most projects, people create elements that are useful in other projects.

Instead of reinventing the wheel for each project, reuse things that have worked in the past. Many of the basics will remain the same throughout projects, such as styles, guides and certain masters. Although copying and pasting objects from one. When you paste a button that has a particular style, that style will not be pasted along with it. The best way to reuse elements is by using the powerful import function. This enables you to import pages and masters, but also styles and guides.

I often find that I need to go back to an old version of a project. I would also save a new file every few days with an incremental number, so that I had some sort of history of the project. In other words, I ended up with a folder of hundreds of pretty large files, wasting space. In Axure, keeping track of old versions is easy.

Simply create a folder or a page in Axure 6. Larger view Place old versions of pages in there, so that you can easily refer to them when you need to go back in time. When exporting, simply use the option to not export all pages. This way, you can share a clean version with clients and still have old versions be directly accessible. First-time users of Axure are often impressed by the ease with which interactivity can be added to a prototype.

However, in many cases, my designs could be clearly communicated without any interactivity — simply as still images. I now add interactivity only if the answer to one of the following questions is yes. This might be the case for an interaction that relies on certain animations to be understood. For example, creating and maintaining an interactive page with tabs would be easier than creating multiple pages for each tab. I have found that making something interactive can help sell the idea.

But if the answer to all of these questions is no, then I prefer to create multiple versions of a page that simply show different states of an interactive element. Another simple but often overlooked way to keep Axure projects manageable is by minimizing the number of images. To change the color of an icon image in a prototype, you would have to go through several steps.

You would need to open an image editor, make the changes to the icon, export to a new bitmap, and finally import into your Axure project. Another option would be to use an icon font. With one, you can change color and scale within Axure. A great source of basic icon fonts is CopyPasteCharacter , whose fonts work right out of the box on most platforms. With an icon font, you can add a graphic to a button and still obey the first commandment. In particular, text spacing and positioning look off.

To avoid surprises, constantly preview your prototype in a browser or on a device if you are designing for mobile. Even though you will never be able to eliminate all differences between Axure and the browser, there are some ways to limit them.

Text Wrapping.

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Axure RP 9 Pro. Wireframes & Diagrams; Advanced Prototyping; Mobile Prototyping; Notes and Documentation; Free Hosting on Axure Cloud; Co- authoring. Axure RP Pro allows you to create prototypes of websites and apps without coding. You can create simple click-through mockups or highly. Axure RP Pro is a dedicated tool for prototyping web sites and web applications. It’s based on concepts known from Visio and web design tools, and elegantly.

The 10 Commandments Of Efficient Design In Axure

About Us Reusing cases across different widgets and events in Axure RP Pro During our Axure training courses, delegates often ask if it is possible to reuse cases across different events and widgets. Figure 1: A very simple usability questionnaire prototyped in Axure 7. In this example there are three questions and a pair of radio buttons for answering each of these. As the questions are answered by clicking the radio buttons, the total score is updated whereby one point is scored for each “Yes” answer.

And now the problem…

Dynamic Panels have mouse and keyboard events. Page events: Math, string, boolean and date operations.

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Axure RP September 10, Improved performance working in team projects; Improved performance when updating style properties; Renamed . Axure RP 9 Pro. Wireframes & Diagrams; Advanced Prototyping; Mobile Prototyping; Notes and Documentation; Free Hosting on Axure Cloud; Co- authoring. Silent installation and uninstallation switches for Axure RP Pro

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